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Hi everyone! By now we are all nicely into the school year and in many parts of the U.S. the seasons are changing from a chilly winter to a warm summer. I've always enjoyed the change of season and like to think of those changes as metaphors of life. We are newly born, grow in our spring, become adults in the summer, become matured during our senior years in the fall and then retire and age into our winter while looking forward to spending eternity with the Lord.

I KNOW that many of you must have thoughts on life as well. Why not share them via a blog entry? You are all members of our online community and EVERYONE of EVERY age is respected! After you are logged in just go to and you will be able to create a new blog entry. (or just click "Blogs" on the left and then "create new post" towards the top)

For visitors, gloryLane is an online community representing individuals, youth groups, music fans and musicians, church and ministry leaders, denomination leaders, evangelists, home schoolers, artists and so many many more. All of us are so different, but what do we have in common? We all worship God and give Him all the glory. We want you to join this fast growing community if you haven't already. Registration is 100% free and very easy. Become a part of this unique community of believers. Then come grow with us together.

-Caley Montgomery, Moderator

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